Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reading is Inspiring

Reading by virtue keeps me going in life. It is where I take my inspirations from and re-create thoughts that writers have shared and written through their point of views. By reading I feel connected with strangers especially with bloggers situated far from where I am actually living in. It is interesting that I hear their own versions on happenings that are in some way similar to what I experience. It is enlightening to think there are people who exist to write and include substantive musings not only to impress readers.

Preferences differ as you grow old I think, which is also applicable in blogging. And to describe it better, I now prefer writers than bloggers. In literal presentation, I read blogs of actual writers who earn a living through freelance contribution in magazine, or anywhere in cyber space. They are bloggers in essence, for a fact that they share a piece of themselves in blogs that they keep. But nonetheless the content is different. I am now looking for stories with insights that interact with society, more mature and bolder to begin with. Young and inexperienced writers tend to look at things by the surface though I cannot make this as a general conclusion. So I tend to read writings from people trying to experiment with the dynamic structure of life. Expats are my favorite nowadays and mostly that I read of are girls. They are inspiring me to seek adventure out of my comfort zone. They show me how a woman's boldness and courage could stand out while defying the normalcy of odd situations in foreign lands.

You may check the blogs that I often look at and they are situated on the left sidebar. I put them there intentionally to notify me whenever a new post has been made.They are not extensive but that small list could branch out to more useful blogs if you just stalk through them. I am not advertising them, well I do, but I do not want to make it sound like advertising. I just want to express how happy I am while reading their blogs. They help me in little ways so I like them. How I wish I could write just like them but I am not a writer. I did not take any writing courses or planning to take any either. I could just stay as their fan and an avid reader.

I started this fascination when I read Roxanne's blog months ago. She shares the plight of women in conflict zones in a way that I find it amazing and encouraging. Miro and his mother are just the practical and contemporary duo that dares to challenge the status quo. Miranda is someone who decided to stay in Europe which I too would strongly consider in the future. Yes, I want to go to Europe and live there. Writing Through the Fog for me is, a thesis of photography and life. It is life in photography and the photography of life. Again, just these are all but a hint of my favorite blogs but I know there a ton of good blogs as well. To each his own. :) Happy reading and wonderful blogging!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

I Cannot Fat-hom How Large

Just like any other girls, I am no exception to the ones aiming for a healthier and slimmer body. Trash off the idea of being skinny and unhealthy. It is just so out. What is IN is eating the right food and doing the right activities.

I used to be very lenient of not getting any fatter even after eating 3 cups of rice in one meal. My metabolism was sort of a turbine which provokes less calories stored in my body as fat. Grade school, high school and college school activities also geared up my chances of staying in pretty shape after all. They say whatever calories, fat (bad and good), glucose-thingy I had were transformed into energy since I am a student and I study and think often. Duh, I do not know what the cause may be but those speculations remained as such for I do not know what Science could have explained why I had my body that way.

The frustrating part is, just like people who get older each and every year, I am gaining weight rapidly. I used to eat as many food- particularly carbohydrates- for my aim was to gain weight. I battled over such dilemma for I was worried that being skinny would make me look sickly. And so I acquired the habits of eating-over-what-I-could-take, chewing the whole meal in just 15 mins, finish up early and stand up the table and never move after that. Very lazy I know. Oh well, that was the wonder of the pubertal lifestyle I had but as I have said, hormonal structures change when we get old. And I am getting older.

Now my battle goes upside-down. Losing weight is never as easy as gaining weight, plus the frustration. I could never have another reaction but to sigh over the fats padding up my bellies, arms, thighs, name whatever body parts you could think of. From small, I became medium and now becoming large but hopefully I would stop at this LOL. Pretty not confident with these wobbling fats, but I do not aim to be bone-and-skin rather. I am okay with my body but I want it to contain a much healthier flesh and fats.

People die of diabetes, heart attacks, lifestyle-related diseases and it scares me. But stupid and funny though, I am not sure where to start evolving and when. I am consuming more or less 6 hours of my time in office just sitting in front of the computer everyday 5 times a week. Sounds familiar? My schedule does not help either since I work at night and metabolism seems to slow down at this time for the day according to this. Reading remedies and solutions might motivate me to take actions and for you too, who might be experiencing the same. I just want to share what I read online and I do not know if you too can commit to one of these healthy habits.

Apparently, the first and biggest solution yet that appealed to me is to eat my meal in a slower pace. I confess that I eat like a construction worker. Gosh. But baby steps are nevertheless a starting point. Keep an eye on me to this! Read more about weight loss without dieting.

How I wish eating frivolously does not equate with gaining fats. Oh well, comrades, are we on the same boat? Are you feeling lucky or doomed? Share your stories.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Sleep anxiety

I am lacking some sleep. No, rather I would say I could not sleep. I'm tired.


Thursday, July 12, 2012


Forgive me my esteemed master by duty, but I dare to blog than finish my report for this day. It has been quite hard to focus when you are pre-occupied with other matters that concern your life. Life and work in professional myth should not permeate each realms but I do think that each plays its role in one's disposition. With each disturbance affects the other entity on the far end of the line. Trying to control my rambled emotions and thoughts does not help me alleviate the situation. I am too timid today I know. I just have to release this or the bubbles still held with tensions will burst if not calmed. Gosh, I should breathe, better and harder each time. :(

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Something personal

I though it would disappear. I thought it would be the same as how I actually do it normally. Often it takes 1 or 3 months and I win over this obstacle but this one is difficult yet to achieve. I do not wish to know every bit about you by any moment. It strucks me awfully up to my nerves where I could feel the electric aftermaths of your memories. The butterflies would seem not to vanish and make my stomach growl over your raging presence in me.

How I wish I could do it fast, more that I would be glad if I have done it before. It is taking me too long to go where everything would be placid and fine like a sheet of long white paper with no smudges nor wrinkles which sight the probable challenges that it had undergone with. I want it clear and light, that hopefully it would make me breathe a little less heavy.

I wonder if fate listens. I know it does but I am not really sure. Nine months after and it lingers. It cuts like it is always fresh and the spill it makes never dries up. How cruel it is I think to make me suffer like this. I am starting to feel weak and soon my strength would wilth along with the passing chances that slip through my hands. You become less and lesser vague but your memory remains immortal. Therefore I suffer.

Hear me. It is just hard to forget.

I want to be

Never have I thought and  listed on my to-be's that I would be a writer. Never. I have never written a good literary workpiece when I was still at school. Never had I received a complement that I did something good in my English or Filipino class, not about essays or stories. The only time I could express and write whatever I want to is when I blog. I have been doing this because I want to release whatever it is that I have on my mind, never really considering if someone reads it or not.

I do feel that memories I make deserve to be put into words or else they would just one of the things that are allowed to rot and be forgotten and be gone. I cherish whatever things I realize and thought of in an instant because I am thinking that when I go back to a certain point, I have something that I can call as an archive or library of whatever's. Seems pretty lame. But yeah, I feel that memories should be blueprinted for the future.

And why am I writing this? Kind of funny but an idea dropped off my mind to scan over creative writing how-to's. Sure I won't be professional in the future, and I don't think I could be but an impulse just told me consider learning creative writing. Actually, during college we had chances to enroll in class that teaches basics of creative writing but I never entertained that idea. Just because I felt that I won't do good at it and so I would end up with a failing mark in class. Poor me, eh? And here I am trying to be as-if-curious-of-creative-writing. LOL.

And another thing, many bloggers do write but with no substance. Not to offend anyone, but not every blog is worth-reading. Therefore, learn and try the basics. As Nigel Watts writes:
There is a common belief that because most of us are literate and fluent, there is no need to serve an apprenticeship if we want to become a successful wordsmith. … That’s what I thought until I tried to write my first novel. I soon learnt that a novel, like a piece of furniture, has its own set of requirements, laws of construction that have to be learnt. Just because I had read plenty of novels didn’t mean I could write one, any more than I could make a chair because I had sat on enough of them.
(Nigel Watts, Teach Yourself Writing a Novel)
What do you think of this?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Read a Book When It's Raining

With my great desire to go to Europe, I have been exploring materials that will give ideas what to expect and see  there. Didn't I tell you that I am excited? HAHAHA here. As I search a new book to read, my cousin offered me something interesting and something new. I don't really read romanticized love stories but this book portrays her vision of what Europe is like.  Am gonna try this I should say. This is Sam Sotto's Before Ever After.

To give you glimpse what this is all about, visit Sam's website and read her little introduction as well. Sam herself is interesting and pretty. Hehe :) Hopefully this one will be posted on my list.


A modern fairy tale about true love, happy endings, new beginnings, and everything in between. Available as a hardcover and eBook August 2011.

Three years after her husband Max’s death, Shelley feels no more adjusted to being a widow than she did that first terrible day. That is, until the doorbell rings. Standing on her front step is a young man who looks so much like Max–same smile, same eyes, same age, same adorable bump in his nose–he could be Max’s long-lost relation. He introduces himself as Paolo, an Italian editor of American coffee table books, and shows Shelley some childhood photos. Paolo tells her that the man in the photos, the bearded man who Paolo says is his grandfather though he never seems to age, is Max. Her Max. And he is alive and well.

As outrageous as Paolo’s claims seem–how could her husband be alive? And if he is, why hasn’t he looked her up? – Shelley desperately wants to know the truth. She and Paolo jet across the globe to track Max down–if it is really Max– and along the way, Shelley recounts the European package tour where they had met. As she relives Max’s stories of bloody Parisian barricades,medieval Austrian kitchens, and buried Roman boathouses, Shelley begins to piece together the story of who her husband was and what these new revelations mean for her “happily ever after.” And as she and Paolo get closer to the truth, Shelley discovers that not all stories end where they are supposed to.

A is it!

A is for Academics

Don't you just miss school? Well, not everyone does but I do. Nyehehe. I miss being at school just listening to my professors for max of 3 hours. It is not work, that's what matters. Not that I am burnt out with my current job but the fact that it is not work, it gives me a refreshing thought. I am thinking if I could take an MA but I just do not know what exactly. In business perhaps, or some kind of International Management. Not sure. But I feel like taking other language that is connected with Community Relations. Ah!! I do not know what to do with my life really. Don't you notice it? hahaha. Sometimes I just feel like I have to render something for my country when everything is done in money making. LOL. But for now, I need a decent job where I can insert time for higher academics. But yeah, I do want to take MA.

Monday, July 2, 2012

I Wish to Travel

If I have one ambition that sticks on my list, that is to travel Europe. England, Germany, Russia, Scotland, hmm, and also don't forget Greece, Israel, Maldives- outside of Europe as well. Really, I get so excited whenever I read blogs about expats who work in Europe. I do envy them in a little part of it but I am more of an excited wanderer-to-be. I am excited of what I can see, eat in Europe, people that I can speak with and meet. I am excited what can I say?

For more Europe experiences, visit