Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A is it!

A is for Academics

Don't you just miss school? Well, not everyone does but I do. Nyehehe. I miss being at school just listening to my professors for max of 3 hours. It is not work, that's what matters. Not that I am burnt out with my current job but the fact that it is not work, it gives me a refreshing thought. I am thinking if I could take an MA but I just do not know what exactly. In business perhaps, or some kind of International Management. Not sure. But I feel like taking other language that is connected with Community Relations. Ah!! I do not know what to do with my life really. Don't you notice it? hahaha. Sometimes I just feel like I have to render something for my country when everything is done in money making. LOL. But for now, I need a decent job where I can insert time for higher academics. But yeah, I do want to take MA.

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