Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reading is Inspiring

Reading by virtue keeps me going in life. It is where I take my inspirations from and re-create thoughts that writers have shared and written through their point of views. By reading I feel connected with strangers especially with bloggers situated far from where I am actually living in. It is interesting that I hear their own versions on happenings that are in some way similar to what I experience. It is enlightening to think there are people who exist to write and include substantive musings not only to impress readers.

Preferences differ as you grow old I think, which is also applicable in blogging. And to describe it better, I now prefer writers than bloggers. In literal presentation, I read blogs of actual writers who earn a living through freelance contribution in magazine, or anywhere in cyber space. They are bloggers in essence, for a fact that they share a piece of themselves in blogs that they keep. But nonetheless the content is different. I am now looking for stories with insights that interact with society, more mature and bolder to begin with. Young and inexperienced writers tend to look at things by the surface though I cannot make this as a general conclusion. So I tend to read writings from people trying to experiment with the dynamic structure of life. Expats are my favorite nowadays and mostly that I read of are girls. They are inspiring me to seek adventure out of my comfort zone. They show me how a woman's boldness and courage could stand out while defying the normalcy of odd situations in foreign lands.

You may check the blogs that I often look at and they are situated on the left sidebar. I put them there intentionally to notify me whenever a new post has been made.They are not extensive but that small list could branch out to more useful blogs if you just stalk through them. I am not advertising them, well I do, but I do not want to make it sound like advertising. I just want to express how happy I am while reading their blogs. They help me in little ways so I like them. How I wish I could write just like them but I am not a writer. I did not take any writing courses or planning to take any either. I could just stay as their fan and an avid reader.

I started this fascination when I read Roxanne's blog months ago. She shares the plight of women in conflict zones in a way that I find it amazing and encouraging. Miro and his mother are just the practical and contemporary duo that dares to challenge the status quo. Miranda is someone who decided to stay in Europe which I too would strongly consider in the future. Yes, I want to go to Europe and live there. Writing Through the Fog for me is, a thesis of photography and life. It is life in photography and the photography of life. Again, just these are all but a hint of my favorite blogs but I know there a ton of good blogs as well. To each his own. :) Happy reading and wonderful blogging!

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