Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Something personal

I though it would disappear. I thought it would be the same as how I actually do it normally. Often it takes 1 or 3 months and I win over this obstacle but this one is difficult yet to achieve. I do not wish to know every bit about you by any moment. It strucks me awfully up to my nerves where I could feel the electric aftermaths of your memories. The butterflies would seem not to vanish and make my stomach growl over your raging presence in me.

How I wish I could do it fast, more that I would be glad if I have done it before. It is taking me too long to go where everything would be placid and fine like a sheet of long white paper with no smudges nor wrinkles which sight the probable challenges that it had undergone with. I want it clear and light, that hopefully it would make me breathe a little less heavy.

I wonder if fate listens. I know it does but I am not really sure. Nine months after and it lingers. It cuts like it is always fresh and the spill it makes never dries up. How cruel it is I think to make me suffer like this. I am starting to feel weak and soon my strength would wilth along with the passing chances that slip through my hands. You become less and lesser vague but your memory remains immortal. Therefore I suffer.

Hear me. It is just hard to forget.

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