Saturday, July 14, 2012

I Cannot Fat-hom How Large

Just like any other girls, I am no exception to the ones aiming for a healthier and slimmer body. Trash off the idea of being skinny and unhealthy. It is just so out. What is IN is eating the right food and doing the right activities.

I used to be very lenient of not getting any fatter even after eating 3 cups of rice in one meal. My metabolism was sort of a turbine which provokes less calories stored in my body as fat. Grade school, high school and college school activities also geared up my chances of staying in pretty shape after all. They say whatever calories, fat (bad and good), glucose-thingy I had were transformed into energy since I am a student and I study and think often. Duh, I do not know what the cause may be but those speculations remained as such for I do not know what Science could have explained why I had my body that way.

The frustrating part is, just like people who get older each and every year, I am gaining weight rapidly. I used to eat as many food- particularly carbohydrates- for my aim was to gain weight. I battled over such dilemma for I was worried that being skinny would make me look sickly. And so I acquired the habits of eating-over-what-I-could-take, chewing the whole meal in just 15 mins, finish up early and stand up the table and never move after that. Very lazy I know. Oh well, that was the wonder of the pubertal lifestyle I had but as I have said, hormonal structures change when we get old. And I am getting older.

Now my battle goes upside-down. Losing weight is never as easy as gaining weight, plus the frustration. I could never have another reaction but to sigh over the fats padding up my bellies, arms, thighs, name whatever body parts you could think of. From small, I became medium and now becoming large but hopefully I would stop at this LOL. Pretty not confident with these wobbling fats, but I do not aim to be bone-and-skin rather. I am okay with my body but I want it to contain a much healthier flesh and fats.

People die of diabetes, heart attacks, lifestyle-related diseases and it scares me. But stupid and funny though, I am not sure where to start evolving and when. I am consuming more or less 6 hours of my time in office just sitting in front of the computer everyday 5 times a week. Sounds familiar? My schedule does not help either since I work at night and metabolism seems to slow down at this time for the day according to this. Reading remedies and solutions might motivate me to take actions and for you too, who might be experiencing the same. I just want to share what I read online and I do not know if you too can commit to one of these healthy habits.

Apparently, the first and biggest solution yet that appealed to me is to eat my meal in a slower pace. I confess that I eat like a construction worker. Gosh. But baby steps are nevertheless a starting point. Keep an eye on me to this! Read more about weight loss without dieting.

How I wish eating frivolously does not equate with gaining fats. Oh well, comrades, are we on the same boat? Are you feeling lucky or doomed? Share your stories.

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